Asgardia, here is the first nation in space

Open access to space technology, protect the Earth from cosmic threats and promote peace: these are the proposals on which a new spatial “nation” is based.



Welcome to Asgardia, the first nation in space (yes, the name recalls the city of Asgard of Norse mythology). Today, in fact, an international team of researchers, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs has unveiled the proposals for the creation of the first space nation, called as the mythological city of the heavens ruled by Odin. According to the project website, the space nation “will offer an independent platform free from any constraint of the laws of a country on Earth. It will become a place in orbit that will truly be the land of nobody “. And even if Asgardia still does not have real land, it is already attracting many citizens. In fact, anyone can register on the new website of the nation. “At the moment more than a thousand people have already signed. When we are more than 100 thousand we can officially apply to the United Nations for status, “the organizers explain to the Guardian.



“The scientific and technological component of the project can be explained in three words: peace, access and protection”, explains Igor Ashurbeyli, a Russian space scientist who founded Aerospace International Research in 2013.


 (Igor Ashurbeyli, fondatore di Asgardia)


In fact, the idea behind the initiative is to create a new legal framework for the peaceful exploitation of space, free from the control of the nations of the Earth, as well as open access to space technologies and offer protection for citizens. of the planet Earth.

The protection of our planet will take place thanks to a satellite, scheduled to be launched in 2017, which will provide a “protective shield for all of humanity from natural threats to life on Earth, such as space debris, mass coronal expulsions, and collisions of asteroids “, explains the expert. A daring plan, given that space and military agencies around the world still have to understand how to prevent their satellites colliding with each other, not to mention protecting the Earth from a rock the size of a city.


The initiative seems to be an attempt to escape the surveillance of the United Nations Outer Space Treaty, which delegates to the individual nations the responsibility for any space activity undertaken by its territory, by government agencies, commercial companies or non-profit organizations. “With the creation of a new space nation, innovation and the further development of technology to support humanity will flourish free from the restrictions of state agency control that currently exist”. (It is not yet clear, however, what kind of government supervision is envisaged for the establishment of the nation).

Ashurbeyli says that life beyond the Earth will be of fundamental importance for the future of humanity. “We are laying the groundwork to make this possible in the distant future”.