Asgardia, the first Space Nation launched its first satellite


It is as big as a loaf of bread and contains only half a terabytes of data. This is the first satellite launched on 12 November of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia, the so-called space nation, project of the Russian scientist and billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli, founder of the Aerospace International Research Center in Vienna.


In fact, the Russian scientist, in October 2016, proposed the creation of a new nation that would be founded in space to be out of any kind of control of terrestrial nations. More precisely, according to the project  web sute, the space nation “will offer an independent platform free from any constraint of the laws of a country on Earth.

It will become a place in orbit that will truly be the land of nobody “. In fact, the basic idea is to create a new legal framework for the peaceful exploitation of space, free from any control of terrestrial nations, as well as opening access to space technologies and offering protection for our planet.
And since last year the project researchers had declared that this protection would have taken place thanks to a satellite, planned to be launched precisely in 2017 and described as “a protective shield for all humanity from natural threats to life on Earth , like space debris and asteroid collisions “.
Returning to today, the small Asgardia-1 satellite contains mainly the foundations of the project: the constitution of the nation, the national symbols and the data of its 115 thousand citizens, including photos and voice messages provided at the discretion of the same.
The satellite was launched exactly in Virginia, from the base Wallops Flight Facility of Nasa aboard the Cygnus spacecraft. The latter has arrived today on the International Space Station to carry out its primary mission (the eighth for accuracy), that is to deliver to the astronauts a load of 3.4 tons of supplies, including pizza and ice cream, and materials necessary for scientific experiments, which will allow to study, for example, resistance to antibiotics and growth of pulses in microgravity. In about a month, Cygnus will return to our planet, disintegrating in the impact with the Earth’s atmosphere. Shortly before, however, it will have the task of releasing the Asgardia satellite into orbit.


Ashurbeyli in the meantime is talking with the UN to implement all the steps necessary to recognize Asgardia as a real nation and to build one day asgardian colonies in space. In fact, as early as last year, he had told the Guardian that when he reached more than 100,000 signatories, he would officially apply to the United Nations for status. To begin with, one of the first benefits offered to citizens of the space “nation” is the ability to upload their data on Asgardia-1 and keep them in orbit.

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